How To Wear Beach Cover Ups

How To Wear Beach Cover Ups When You Are Not On A Beach (Anymore)

So how can we make more use of a beach cover up? In fact, a nice cover up is the perfect base for your pre-beach brunch and post-beach cocktail outfit (which can also be worn in a city). The key is to buy a cover up in a light and breezy fabric, a neutral color and with no large prints on it. Believe me, anything else will become a huge styling challenge!

Then, you have different options: Going casual with flat sandals and a panama hat always works. Make sure to glam up with some statement jewelry (you are a city girl at last!).For a more refined look, throw on a colorful cardigan (from your color palette) and put some wedges on. And lastly, if you want to go really chic, create an instant polished appeal by wearing a blazer and classic heels, ideally tone in tone with your cover up.

Please note that the ideal length of the cardigan and the blazer depends on the length of your cover up underneath. The shorter the cover up, the longer the “outerwear”. Vice versa, if you opted for a cover up maxi dress, then it would be better to pair with a shorter cardigan or blazer.

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