From The Runway: Metallics Trend 2013

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From The Runway: Metallics Trend 2013

Happy Wednesday everyone!

As pre-announced on Facebook, today’s post is all about how to wear the metallics trend for fall/winter season 2013/14.

The glitter of metal has been en vogue in spring 2012 already, and now it’s back with a breath of fresh air for the colder months! (Wait, do we really need more fresh air in winter?! Oh well, never mind.)

The materials are now thicker and more structured. You will find a lot of leather in gold and silver or fabric with a pattern made of metallized yarn. Also, metal mesh, chail-mail fabric or metallic chains are often used by designers. The pictures above from Paco Rabanne, Prada and Prouenza Schouler are just a few examples.

“Uhm, but I don’t want to look like a robot from 2130!”

Yes, I agree. That wouldn’t look very sexy.

There is a certain danger to styling metallics. Instead of super cool, you can also end up looking like the before mentioned robot or some funky Christmas ornament (not sure what is worse…).

Check out my style advice on How To Wear Metallics Without Looking Like A Robot.

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