Spotted: Leather Pants in Frankfurt

How To Wear Leather Pants by 3 Ways To Wear

Spotted: Leather Pants in Frankfurt

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today’s article is about an absolute wardrobe staple for fall and winter: the black leather pants. By absolute wardrobe staple I mean: It is a MUST HAVE. If you don’t own one yet, go out and get one!

Why? Because leather pants is the answer to sooo many styling questions.

You need some texture to style up a casual day look? Wear leather pants. You need to add some oh la la to a classic outfit? Wear leather pants. You want to look classy and cool like Miranda Kerr? You got it, wear leather pants!

Leather as a material has long been denigrated in fashion as it was more associated with biker gangs and heavy metal rockers (not to mention fetish wear). But then, things changed and pretty much all influential designers started showing the material on the runway. Fashionistas around the world picked it up and now, you cannot think about street style without thinking about leather pants.

If you cannot or don’t want to afford the real thing, faux leather is more than ok, of course! Easier care instructions make up for a lot. Plus, it’s animal friendly. If you choose faux leather, make sure to buy high quality. Poorly made ones can easily turn your look from chic to shoddy. Please don’t do that. For style advice, check out my article on How To Wear Leather Pants.

Thanks Kristin for modelling, you look smoking hot my dear!

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