How To Wear Leather Jackets

How To Wear Leather Jackets by 3 Ways To Wear

How To Wear Leather Jackets

In terms of wardrobe staple factor, leather jackets score even higher than leather pants, which became super hot (only) in the past few years. Leather jackets, however, haven been around since decades. In fact, I don’t know think they ever went out of trend, since Marlon Brando sported his Schott Perfecto leather jacket in his famous movie The Wild Ones.

The sartorial world adores leather jackets, because they are versatile, timeless and suitable for any age. Also, they themselves get better over time. What’s not to love!

The Essential Styling Rules

1) Back to Basics: The easiest way to style a leather jacket is to throw it over a basic outfit (for example, a plain white t-shirt and jeans) to give it an instant cool look.

If you wear on oversized shirt, make sure that it doesn’t create too much bulk under the jacket. Also, if you wear something more flared on the bottom, make sure to choose a more fitted leather jacket on top.

2) Create contrasts: The roughness of the leather is just perfect to create interesting, yet stylish contrasts to delicate fabrics like lace or tulle, or to feminine patterns like flowers or hearts.

“Opposites attract” is true for this styling more than anything. Wearing my leather jacket over summer dresses is one of my signature looks. I just love it.

3) All Black: A black outfit from head-to-toe, topped off with a leather jacket is the epitome of an edgy and sexy look. Dial up the masculinity by adding low heeled, man inspired boots, or play with feminine by pairing with a black dress. Or do both.

With such a dark and strong look, make sure you got the make up right. Apply the right amount to avoid appearing washed-off and pale. Personally, I prefer a red lip. But smokey eyes would work as well. Highlight your best features!

4) From Day to Night: Leather jackets are also perfect to transform an office look into an ready-for-the-night oufit. Toss your blazer, put on heels, glam up with accessories, grab your clutch – and off you go!

These are the essential rules for “How To Wear Leather Jackets” and if you need more styling inspiration: Here are 3 Ways To Wear Leather Jackets which showcase rules #1-3.

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  • WE

    The second look would so totally be me!! Agreed with all the points, and I especially believe in no 2. Contrast adds such a glam to leather looks. Stopping by from the fab friday link up..

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    Amazing looks! So great:)