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Spotted: Red Pants In Istanbul

What To Wear With Red Pants by 3 Ways To Wear

Hi everyone!

Sitting back at my London desk, I was looking through my archive of real life inspiration pictures and I stopped at a picture from a lady wearing bright red pants (or trousers as the British would say).

I smiled, because there is actually a fun fact in the UK: Red trousers are offcially a fashion fauxpas for men! Then again, there are some people who can’t get enough of them.

Who knew that the British have such a love/hate relationship with this piece of garment?

Anyway, all this debate is not relevant for us ladies. Thank goodness, because bright red pants are actually a really fun item to spice up your fall and winter wardrobe! The only question is…what to wear with red pants?

Check out my style advice here.

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xoxo, Lu

Spotted: Mint Jeans In Istanbul

How To Wear Mint Jeans | © 3waystowear.com

Spotted: Mint Jeans In Istanbul

Alright, admittedly what you see in the picture above is not exactly a pair of mint jeans (it is actually another example of some stylish pajama pants), but I still like the fresh pastel hues of the outfit all together, so I decided to share it.

The color mint has been one of the key trends this spring/summer season. It is the pastel version of green and turquoise, hence a softer and lighter shade, just perfect for sunny days! It can look pretty and chic, cool and fresh. Fashion in this color can now be found everywhere. Clothing, accessories, eye shadows, nail polish, you name it…

It’s easy to get obsessed with mint, but beware! Mint green can also look disastrous if worn in a worn way or on a person with the wrong coloring. So before you treat yourself to some minty pieces, take my advice on How To Wear Mint Jeans.

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Spotted: A Tea Dress In Istanbul

How To Wear A Tea Dress Without The Grandma Look by 3 Ways To Wear

23 degrees. Sunshine in the city. Wooohooo… this week has been the perfect summer week so far (ok, today is Tuesday, so let’s keep fingers crossed)!

In summer, I am becoming a style stalker extraordinaire. I love to witness people flaunting their personal style during the day. It is so much more inspirational than evening looks. I have the hypothesis that sunshine lets people become more creative, too. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance yet to validate this correlation via research. In case you know of an article supporting my theory, please let me know!

The must-have item for a summer daytime look is a flirty tea dress. If you don’t own one yet, you should get one.

But wait, they remind you of the look of your grandma? Or the dresses that your mom used to put you in for boring family gatherings? Please let me erase this picture ASAP with my style advice on How To Wear A Tea Dress Without the Grandma Look!

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