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How To Wear Royal Style

How To Wear Royal Style

By Royal Style, I don’t necessarily mean Kate Middleton style (even though she will be perfectly able to pull it off), but royalty inspired clothing that is characterized by one or more of the following features:

1) It is made out of regal fabrics like velvet or brocade.

2) It comes in jewel-toned shades like emerald green, rich purple, wine burgundy or sapphire blue.

3) It has some embroidery or beaded elements.

Add some serious royalty embellishments (like sparkling statement necklaces, strands of pearls, chandelier earrings, cocktail rings) to your royal outfit and you are to go for for a show stopping entrance! Wooohooo!

OK, don’t celebrate too soon, actually it is not that simple. The art of wearing Royal Style lies in making the outfit look modern, not austere or by all means costume-y. So in case you have fallen in love with a full length dress with high collars and long sleeves… sleep one more night over it and buy it only if you are happy with the cost per wear result.

In order to avoid the costume-y look, it is a very good idea to combine Royal Style with modern day classics, such as a simple black blazer or a black leather jacket. This will tone the glamour down automatically, but thanks to its regal fabrics/colours the outfit will still look chic. So, if you are looking for something suited for a festive office party – look no further!

Below are your 3 Ways To Wear Royal Style. I hope you feel inspired to get a little opulence in your life for the upcoming festive season!

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3 Ways To Wear Royal Style

How To Wear Royal Style

Look 1: Pure Opulence

How To Wear Royal Style: Pure Opulence by 3 Ways To Wear

Badgley Mischka brocade dress / Alexander McQueen high heel sandals / Monsoon black handbag / Deepa Gurnani handcrafted beaded jewelry / Samantha Wills earrings

Look 2: Office Chic

How To Wear Royal Style: Office Chic by 3 Ways To Wear

Badgley Mischka brocade dress / Whistle Wolf dinner jacket / Mint Velvet black pumps / Tory Burch leather purse / Marc by Marc Jacobs watch / Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet

Look 3: Weekend Chic

How To Wear Royal Style: Chic and Casual by 3 Ways To Wear

Badgley Mischka brocade dress / AllSaints leather jacket / Armani Jeans high heel boots / Balenciaga handbag / Michael Kors watch / Swarovski earrings

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From The Runway: The Royal Trend

How To Wear Royal Style by 3 Ways To Wear

Hi everyone,

This weekend is the first Sunday of advent. I’m not sure about you and your country, but in Germany, where I grew up, this is sort of a big deal. The season of Advent is the time of preparation for Christmas: People start decorating the house and the Christmas tree, buying Christmas presents, baking Christmas cookies… and wondering what the hell to wear for the upcoming festive gatherings!

Now, I have to admit I don’t really celebrate Christmas as I am not Christian, but I do like the festive season very much. People seem to happier, more forgiving and more generous than in the rest of the year. It’s a good time to feel good.

Talking about feeling good, there is one trend this fall that is just perfect to be worn during Advent season. This trend that will make you held your head high, pull your shoulders back and make you feel like the Princess of the day.

It is the Royal Trend. Here is my advice on How To Wear Royal Style, check it out!

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