3 Ways To Wear Normcore

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3 Ways To Wear Normcore

Fashion has been all about funkier, edgier looks. Unless you are pushing the limits of style you are not worth watching.With everybody in the industry trying to shock and awe, to be unique and just a little quirky, Normcore brings with it the idea of simplicity and sameness allowing our personalities to shine through.

Often misconstrued as ‘bland’ or without character, this style is less about sticking out like a sore thumb and more about emitting self assurance through a more relaxed look minus the brand, logos and the labels people give you.

With London fashion weekend around the corner, I’m looking forward to the new minimalistic sense of style! Be bold and find cool ways to wear normcore! Dig out elements of Normcore style from your closet and join the fun.

Some basics to keep in mind when rummaging through there and helpful tips on how to wear normcore are be casual and basic with items such as you favourite sneakers, grey marle, loose jeans and baseball caps.

If you’re still a little confused about what it actually is, here are a few ways to wear norm core and pull off the effortless look.

Which look is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Look 1: Relax It’s Sunday
Relax It's Sunday

Twenty Easy By Kaos shirt / Jigsaw black top / Madewell jeans/ Stella McCartney leather purse / Stella McCartney sunglasses / Wet Seal belt

Look 2: The Oversized Denim
The Oversized Denim

Rag & Bone white dress / J Crew oversized jacket / New Balance sneakers / Humble Chic bag / Stella McCartney cap / Emporio Armani sunglasses / Too Faced lipstick

Look 3: Gray Marle
Grey Marle
Yves Saint Laurent shirt  / Sass Bide jacket / Yves Saint Laurent leather pants / Converse shoes / Alexander McQueen backpack/ Shakuhachi sunglasses

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