How To Wear A Denim Overall As Cool As Alexa Chung

How to wear a denim overall as cool as Alexa Chung

When wearing a denim overall, what you want to avoid is to look like a teenager or a farmer. This means: No flannel shirts, ruffles or somehow-too-cute colours. Instead, go for clean, crisp, elegant tops and wear edgy and/or sparkly stuff to create a modern look contrasting the bulky fabric.

What you also want to avoid is to look cheap.Please promise me to never EVER buy an overall with skinny legs. They don’t look cool, they look desperate. Instead, opt for loose cut with a distressed look (preferably).

Accessories are important, too and can help a great deal in creating a grown-up look. Have a bit of fun playing with hats, crossbody bags, strappy heels or ankle booties. They are all great ingredients of a relaxed, yet cool look.

I have styled 3 Ways To Wear A Denim Overall for your inspiration. The only question left for you is (still): Will you be wearing one this summer?