Hello ladies,

Have you ever found yourself thinking/saying one of these sentences?

  • “My wardrobe is full, but I STILL don’t have ANYTHING to wear!”
  • “I bought this, because it looked so cool/adorable/amazing in store. But now I have no idea how to wear it… damn it!”
  • “I always wear this in the same outfit, simply because that’s how I saw it on display in the store/in a magazine. I want to make more out of it. Help?!
  • “I want to dress fashion forward, but I don’t want to spend my money on clothing can only be worn in one certain look. I wish someone could give me more ideas on how to create multiple look with specific garments.”

If you recognized yourself in one of these statements, then…

Welcome to 3 Ways To Wear!

You have found the right spot!

(If you didn’t, I suggest you to continue browsing the world wide web… There is plenty of interesting stuff out there.)

About the person behind 3 Ways To Wear

My name is Lu Li (yes, that’s my full name) and I am the editior-in-chief of this blog. My goal is to add more value to your wardrobe and more happiness and creativity to your life. How?

I will show you how you can wear any piece of garment in 3 different ways, suitable for 3 different occasions.

In real life, I am a passionate personal style consultant, personal shopper, wardrobe editor and streetstyle photographer. I live between upbeat London and beautiful Zurich.

I love everything aesthetic and am fascinated by colours, shapes, patterns and compositions thereof. Moreover, I am constantly inspired by individuality and people’s sense of self as they strut down the streets everyday in individually crafted looks. You will find some of these under the category “Real Life Inspirations“.

I am also a big lover of the runway, however, I do acknowledge that not everything that you see on the runway is wearable in daily life (even if it’s called “Prêt-àPorter” or “Ready To Wear”). Therefore I created the category “Runway Inspirations” to inspire you with wearable looks that take their cues from runway trends.

As for my own outfits, I try to mix and match my garments to come up with tasteful, interesting and/or innovative looks. I started to share some of them under “My Closet“. However, by now I am quite aware of my own personal style, so you won’t see me dressing like Ke$ha or Anna Dello Russo no matter how en vogue the items are! (Nothing against Ke$ha or Anna by the way, they’re both amazing, because they stay true to their personal style!)

Lastly, if you have any feedback or enquiries, you are very welcome to use the comment function of my posts or you can contact me at: info@3waystowear.com.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

xoxo, Lu