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My Closet: A Tribute To Jackie O’s Pastel Pink Coat

How To Wear Pastel Pink Coats by 3 Ways To Wear How To Wear Pastel Pink Coats by 3 Ways To Wear How To Wear Pastel Pink Coats by 3 Ways To Wear How To Wear Pastel Pink Coats by 3 Ways To Wear How To Wear Pastel Pink Coats by 3 Ways To Wear

Hello everyone,

As fashion lovers, it is just so easy to be carried away by the newest trends and designs. For my part, I got super excited when I saw that pastel pink coats will be one of the hottest trend this fall/winter season…. because I already own one that I absolutely adore!

“Ha, I am SO ahead of the game!” I thought.

But am I really?

Actually, I didn’t buy that pastel pink coat, because I’m a trend guru and foresaw a few years back that this piece will become super trendy in 2013. No, the truth is simply:

I bought it, because it is an iconic piece to me. I bought it because of Jackie O.

Yes, that’s right. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was my fashion inspiration for this piece of garment. I wanted to copy the iconic look of her original pink Chanel outfit. An outfit that does not only have its own Wikipedia page, but also it’s own BuzzFeed page. Just as icons do, I guess.

I encourage you to read through those pages after you have read this blog article, because it will tell you that she wore that pink look on Nov 22nd 1963 – the day when her husband  John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas – and how it became a lasting image of American history.

Looking at the calendar, the sad incident happened pretty much exactly 50 years ago! What a great opportunity to show my tribute to Jackie Kennedy Onassis by showing you a set of pictures from my recent shooting with Carolina Caruso Photography!

If you are inspired to get this iconic and super trendy piece yourself, here are a few tips on How To Wear Pastel Pink Coats.

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xoxo, Lu

How To Wear Full Skirts

How To Wear Full Skirts by 3 Ways To Wear

How To Wear Full Skirts

I recently have had the pleasure to meet an amazing as well as talented photographer in Zurich: Carolina Caruso of Carolina Caruso Photography. We decided to do a little shoot together, and what you see above is a selection of pictures of the first outfit. (In fact, she sent me so many great pictures, it was really a challenge to choose!)

For the first look, I have picked a full skirt in thick white cotton, which I personally love and styled it in a little retro vintage / Dior way (which by the way is super on trend this fall)!

You might think that full, voluminous skirts are a thing of fairytale princesses, but matter of fact, they are becoming more popular in daily life. You can dress them up or down and whether it’s for work or play or a chic evening event – a full skirt can suit a variety of occasions.

How To Wear Full Skirts

Full skirts can be a great tool to hide away larger thighs and derrières because of its fullness. But then again, the fullness of the skirt is the exact reason why could also become a styling problem. Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about how to wear full skirts:

1) Never buy a full skirt with a elastic waist band, unless you have a really toned tummy. In all other cases, the skirt will end up sitting in your wardrobe because you won’t want to tuck in your top into it (that will look bulky and unflattering), nor will you want leave your top untucked because all the gathers from the elastic are going to create a lot of lumps and bumps in your middle section which are not pretty either.

How To Wear Full Skirts by 3 Ways To Wear

2) The right length can make all the difference when it comes to looking stylish. Choose a skirt that finishes at the slimmest part of your leg. This is usually above or below the knee. Avoid full skirts that are too long as they will make you look heavier and shorter than you actually are.

How To Wear Full Skirts by 3 Ways To Wear

3) For an elegant 50s inspired look, combine your full skirt with a feminine blouse and pointed court shoes. Finish the look with a framed handbag and cat eye sunglasses for a truly glamorous look.

How To Wear Full Skirts by 3 Ways To Wear

I hope that you feel inspired and might embrace this beautiful skirt shape which has not been around since a couple of decades now.

Here are 3 Ways To Wear A Full White Skirt. Enjoy!

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