How To Wear Acai Purple

How To Wear Acai Purple

Pantone has called out acai purple to be one of the trend colors for fall 2013 (“Acai” is pronounced “Aah-Sai-EEE”, by the way).

It is a rich, deep hue of purple, exuding a royal flair as well as a sense of mystery. This color makes a statement and evokes the connection to richness and glamour. No wonder designers like GucciAlberta Ferretti and Elie Saab have incorporated it in their collections!

In terms of styling, acai purple lends itself beautifully to jewel-toned colors like emerald, turquoise and sapphire or other berry colours like raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. It can also be paired with neutrals like black, beige or white and can be accentuated with either silver or gold.

This color will complement ladies best, who have cool and deep colorings in their skin, eyes and hair. If you have cool colorings, but are more on the lighter side, you can still wear acai purple. Just make sure to combine with pieces in cool, light and muted colors to tone down the heavy richness.

Watch out, however, if you are warm skinned. Then, a color like acai purple can take away the natural vibrance in your face and make you look sick. Try to wear it further away from your face, on your lower body or as accents only. Also stick to warm tones in your accessoires and jewellry. As a matter of contrast, this shade of purple can look very rich and royal if combined with gold.

Here are 3 Ways To Wear An Acai Purple Dress. Due to a special request, I keep it to outfits suited for a wedding – just the right occasion for an elegant and glamorous shade like acai purple!

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