Breaking Fashion Rules: How To Wear Black and Blue

How To Wear Black and Blue

The key to mixing black and blue is to ensure that it appears as an intentional style decision. You don’t want people to think that you just confused the two colours, so make sure the colors are distinguishable from each other.Also keep the fabrics in similar families, i.e. combine lace with lace, wool with wool, jersey with jersey, etc.

And lastly, wearly this colour combination only if the color characteristics of your hair, skind and eyes are pre-dominantly cool. If they are not, I would advice you to get hooked on another trend. This color combination will do nothing more for you than taking away all vibrance in your appereance (and nobdy wants that, right?).

For those of you willing to dive into this trend, I arranged a 3 Ways To Wear Black and Blue outfits you may want to get inspired from.

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xoxo, Lu