How To Wear Yellow Bags And Brighten Up Your Day!

How To Wear Yellow Bags And Brighten Up Your Day

So, starting from the psychology of colours, let me share with you that yellow is linked to happiness, optimism and the general feeling of good times. Nice, huh?

Using yellow in your outfit is like pumping yourself with vitamin pills. You will look instantly fresher and full of energy – without any risk of side effects.

Accessorizing with yellow is your best bet, if you are a little afraid of the colour’s brightness but still like to liven up your outfit with a bit of sunshine and take a rather boring combo to the next level.

In fact, with a bright colour like yellow, you shouldn’t embrace the colour from head to toe. After all, no one wants to look like a canary bird, right?

But to add this happy flair, a yellow bag will fit very nicely with an all white outfit, a black and white combination or blue jeans. It also looks fabulous with other neutral colours like beige, camel, grey, khaki or navy.

For ladies who like to colour-block, try one of these combos: yellow & teal (see Look 2), yellow & purple or yellow & pink.

Also, just for the record, you can use a yellow bag to brighten up your outfit for ANY occasion. No strings attached.

Check out these 3 Ways To Wear A Yellow Bag for your consideration. Enjoy!

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