How To Wear Plaid In A Chic Way

How To Wear Plaid In A Chic Way

The secret to look chic in plaid is to wear a garment that has a clean and polished construction. Look out for structured skirts, coats or a nicely fitted blazer. Avoid plaid shirts that are loose and boxy. Those will always carry a relaxed and rugged look with them. Read more...

Also, don’t go overboard. Plaid is a bold pattern, so stick with one prominent plaid piece or several small plaid accessories. If you wear too much, it will overwhelm your look and people will think you have just escaped from a circus. (Halloween is over, too!)

Another important thing to get right is the colour. This season you can find plaid in almost all colours. Warm or cool, muted or bright. Make sure the colours harmonize with the colourings of your own skin, hair and eyes. Dark colours look more traditional and are suited to be worn in fall and winter, whereas pastel colours look more modern and can be worn all year long.

In terms of styling there is one simple rule: Combine your plaid print with solid neutral colours like black, navy, tan, cream or white. Et voilà, one thing less to worry about!

Last but not least, pay a little attention to the print size and fabric. Keep in mind that larger squares look generally more chic than smaller squares (which usually remind me of the Wild West). And also, thicker fabric looks more elegant than lightweight fabric.

For my part, I am definitely keen on buying a plaid skirt this season and cannot wait to browse the shops in London for a nice one.

In case you already own one, here are your 3 Ways of How To Wear Plaid In A Chic Way!

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