10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Do you know this situation: You want to move apartments and think “Oh I don’t have a lot of stuff. It will be packed in a few hours.” And then, when you are amidst all the boxes, you start thinking “HOW on earth did I accumulate SO MUCH STUFF?”

Suddenly you question if you really need all this stuff in front of you. Especially all these pairs of shoes of which many you have not even worn once. But hold on for one minute! There are indeed some shoes that you do need in your wardrobe.

So you might want to give away your 15th pair of high heels to a girlfriend, but do keep these 10 shoes every woman should own:

1) The black pump 

The black pump is the answer to every styling question. What shoes go with this dress? How do I make this outfit look more chic? What shoes will make me feel confident?

The black pump is your BFF of styling (next to the perfect LBD). It’s elegant and sexy at the same time, takes you from office to evening, and from downtown to uptown.

Make sure to invest in a quality black pump that’s comfortable for you. You are going to make great use of it.


10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own
Christian Louboutin


2) The black ballet flat

A black ballet flat is the epitome of ladylike chic (Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly swore by it!). You will probably wear the black ballet flat even more often than your black pump, as they are so much more comfortable. And you can, because it literally goes with anything!

I love wearing my black ballet flats especially when I travel. They add an instant chic upgrade to any look, are also easy to slip on and off at security, and if needed you can also run in them to the gate (I have tested this many times…).

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own
Jo Mercer


3) The strappy heel

A strappy sandal heel is a stylish alternative to a classic pump. They are incredibly versatile, whether you want to add a chic touch to a casual outfit or pairing them perfectly with a cocktail dress.

Make sure that the shoe has perfect fit, i.e the straps don’t cut into feet nor are they too lose, so your feet are slipping around. Everything else is a no-no.

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own
See by Chloe

4) The nude pump 

Nude pumps are your next best alternative to black pumps in summer. It fits perfectly with skirts or dresses, because it can give the illusion of lengthening the leg. Make sure that you choose a colour that complements your skin tone, though. You want to achieve an unbroken line from shoe to skin.

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own


5) The fun heel 

Life is short and fun shoes can seriously brighten up a day. So keep a pair of statement shoes that will make you feel on top of the world!

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own
Charlotte Olympia


6) The summer sandal 

Putting on your summer sandals is like the pop of a champagne cork that signals the start of a party. Get a pair in bright colours to add a summery vibe to any look.

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

7) The leather sandal

A sturdy leather sandal is also a must have for summer. They may not be as stylish as your other summer sandals, but nothing else will carry you more reliably through your beach vacations and BBQs in the park.

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

8) The ankle bootie

The ankle bootie is your go-to shoe for all transition outfits. Whether you pair it with jeans, tights or a maxi dress, the ankle bootie has proven to be the shoe that can instantly make any outfit “walkable”.

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own


9) The riding boot

A flat riding boot is your must-have for winter, mostly because of its comfort factor and versatility. You can wear them over everything, and if they are fur- or wool-lined they will even keep your feet super warm!  (You’ll hardly ever find high heel boots that are lined, that’s for sure.)

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own
Stuart Weitzman


10) The running shoe

A good running or gym shoe is essential to have, because it’s part of a healthy lifestyle. I am really not a sport fanatic, but I did invest in good running shoes because they are just like pillows for my feet when I have worn my heels for too long. Such a relief!

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own


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