Spotted: Maxi Skirts With Bold Prints in Istanbul

How To Style Maki Skirts With Bold Prints by 3 Ways To Wear

The fashion world is crazy for bold prints like geometric patterns for spring/summer 2013 and you can already see some very cool street styles (like above in Istanbul). But talking with my friends, there are apparently a few question marks on whether to buy one or not.

Some say “This trend is only a fashion fad – I mean c’mon! WHO would be able to wear it in daily life??”. Some also say “Yeah they are cool, but I’m sure I will get tired of it after a few times. And then it will stay in the back of my closet forever.”

Personally, I think bold prints are really fun and can always be styled in a wearable way (no excuse there!). And regarding getting tired of the look… yeah, I know that phenomenon too, but let me tell you with the right print that works on you in terms of colours, pattern, fabric and everything, you can restyle it year after year and always look updated. The secret is to find the right one (… and we all know how tricky this can be, right ladies?).

There is my style advice on How To Style Maxi Skirts With Bold Prints. Check it out!

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