How To Style A Maxi Skirt With Bold Print

How To Style Maxi Skirts With Bold Prints

Let’s imagine you have found the perfect maxi skirt for you. Here are a few things to consider in terms of “How To Style It”: Bold visuals automatically draw attention to themselves and maxi dresses are long (i.e.provide a lot of print space), so per definition you will get A LOT of visual attention when you decide to wear your brand new maxi dress with bold prints.

With this in mind, the choice for the rest of the outfit becomes clear: Do not combine with another bold pattern (unless you have a masters degree in pattern-mixing or are a you are uber-fashionista who wants to be noticed) and keep colours in harmony with the colours of the maxi skirt print.

Also, as maxi skirts tend to be flowy and voluminous, wear something more tailored on your upper body if you don’t want to look too saggy overall.

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