How To Style Tribal Shorts

How To Style Tribal Shorts

In terms of styling, the girl in Zurich is doing exactly the right thing. Because unless you plan to attend a hippie music festival, a well-done mix of funky and simple is the way to go for everyday life.

You can dress it up with elegant, sleek tops and accessories to contrast the wild look of tribal prints (try a long waistcoat in white!). Or dress it down with more bohemian elements (just don’t make it too bohemian or you are back at the hippie music festival).

Since a couple years it has become quite fashionable (i.e. acceptable) to combine shorts with dark tights, so tribal shorts can not only be leveraged in summer, but also in the adjacent seasons of spring and autumn if you put together tights, jackets or cardigans and boots. Speaking of onion look, but whatever…it works!

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