Spotted: Tribal Shorts in Zurich

How to style tribal shorts by 3 Ways To Wear

It seems you really shouldn’t complain too much with Mother Nature. Or she’ll hit you right in your face with a nasty heat wave! I have to admit, I have been moaning for weeks or even months about the cold weather, making fun of global warming (…global WHAT?) and now I am sitting here at my desk thinking air-conditioning should become a standard in European homes as it already is for homes in Asia.

Despite the oven-like environment I did dare to go out and see what’s up on the streets of Zurich. Not surprised people are running around with lots of bare skin, but in particular I liked the outfit of this girl, wearing trendy tribal shorts, a plain top, a classic quilted bag (could it be Chanel?) and cute plastic shoes.

Here is my advice on How To Style Tribal Shorts.

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xoxo, Lu