Spotted: A Tea Dress In Istanbul

How To Wear A Tea Dress Without The Grandma Look by 3 Ways To Wear

23 degrees. Sunshine in the city. Wooohooo… this week has been the perfect summer week so far (ok, today is Tuesday, so let’s keep fingers crossed)!

In summer, I am becoming a style stalker extraordinaire. I love to witness people flaunting their personal style during the day. It is so much more inspirational than evening looks. I have the hypothesis that sunshine lets people become more creative, too. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance yet to validate this correlation via research. In case you know of an article supporting my theory, please let me know!

The must-have item for a summer daytime look is a flirty tea dress. If you don’t own one yet, you should get one.

But wait, they remind you of the look of your grandma? Or the dresses that your mom used to put you in for boring family gatherings? Please let me erase this picture ASAP with my style advice on How To Wear A Tea Dress Without the Grandma Look!

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xoxo, Lu

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    I love #2!!