How To Wear A Cobalt Blue Skirt

How To Wear A Cobalt Blue Skirt
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How To Wear A Cobalt Blue Skirt

Today’s article is about how to wear a cobalt blue skirt. This powerful color is really a wardrobe staple. It represents strength and calmness, and the best thing about it: It can work on every skin colour!

Just keep in mind that only people who have cool and bright coloring are able to pull off full outfits in cobalt blue (ideally accentuated with jewel tones), while people with light and/or warm coloring should opt to wear it as an accent piece only (it is a mighty shade of blue which can overpower you!).

In terms of colour mixing I would like to show 3 classic combinations for a cobalt blue skirt:

1) With whites: A cobalt blue skirt and a white top make an clean, innocent and feminine look. Depending on the occasion, you can tone it down with casual elements (like marine inspired shoes, bag and jewelry as seen in Look 1) and add more drama with a red lipstick and accessories.

2) With yellow: A cobalt blue skirt and yellow are one of my favourite colourblocking combos! However, the right choice of yellow is critical. For the best look, choose a yellow shade that matches the colouring characteristics of your skin (for example, go for an icy yellow, if you have light and cool skin).

3) With soft blue and pastels: You don’t always need to use great contrast to create outfits that stand out. Softer shades of blue are perfect to balance the brightness of cobalt blue. To complete the look, use pastels and neutral colours, like mint green (this season’s favourite!), beige or taupe.

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