How To Wear Pajama Pants With Style

How To Wear Pajama Pants With Style
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How To Wear Pajama Pants With Style

Looking effortlessly stylish in hot weather can be tricky. Of course, there are millions of pretty summer dresses, but what if you want to wear pants? Just the thought of having your skinny jeans sticking around your legs can be a big turn-off. Thank god (or designers like Stella McCartney), we can be happy that this season pajama pants have become a trend look!

Yes, pajama pants.

Well. Not exactly the ones you wear at home, but loose fitting, printed pants in a silky (-looking) material that are breezy, lightweight and therefore ridiculously comfortable.

When wearing this trend, you want to look dressy, streamlined and chic and not like you are leaving the house in the same outfit you slept in. However, as chicness is usually the opposite of what pajama pants are, it’s critical to stick to a couple of styling tips to make this look work:

1) Materials like cotton or flannel will instantly make you look like a slob. Avoid them by all means.

2) Motives of teddy bears or other cute animals are also a no-go (I hope I don’t need to explain this one).

3) Wearing head-to-toe pajama style is very bold, and very dangerous. Better leave this to fashion pro’s like Rihanna.

4) Instead, pair with a plain top in a neutral color (best is picking up a color from the pant’s print). If you still want a little something extra, this season’s dramatic statement necklaces are the perfect thing to offset the PJ theme.

5) A higher-waist version paired with a tucked-in or waist-cinching top will elongate your silhouette.

6) Finish with a sophisticated shoe: By this, I mean wedges or heels. If you want to wear flats, opt for sleek, strappy sandals instead of ballerina flats or loafers. The idea is to counterbalance relaxed vibe of the pants.

Fabric, silhouette and styling are all things that make or break the deal when wearing pajama pants. But when done correctly, you can wear this lightweight perfection even to the office! I mean, really, how awesome it that?

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