Spotted: Beach Cover Ups In The City Of Zurich

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Spotted: Beach Cover Ups In The City Of Zurich

Hi everyone!

I hope that you are all enjoying this sunny August. Well, if you ask me, there is no way to let a summer season pass by without swimming in the ocean or a lake. Lucky enough, I have a big beautiful lake in front my door in Zurich (ok, not literally in front of my door). I love to lie there and watch the people go by. You have to know that if there is one thing you can do extremely well by the Zurich lake, then it is to WATCH PEOPLE (I’m such a stalker, haha)!

Last time, I noticed that a lot of ladies actually wear pretty beach cover-ups when they go to get something from the kiosk. These beach cover ups are all about looking chic by the water, and they come in all varieties (dresses, tunics, rompers etc), colors and fabrics.

If you happen to live in a city by a lake or in a seaside town you’ll know that it can be really crucial sometimes to switch from a beach to a presentable look quickly. And even if you live more inlands, I’m sure you own some sort of beach cover up that lies in your closet waiting to be re-used and you’ll keep saying to yourself “I’ll wear this on my next vacation” (and then decide to pack something else instead).

Check out here my style advice on How To Wear Beach Cover Ups, When You Are Not At The Beach.

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