Spotted: Nautical Print in Zurich

How To Wear Nautical | ©

As some of you have seen on my Facebook page, I was helping my friend Carolina Caruso in styling her fashion shoot (check out her blog for the full sneak peek!). The clothes and accessories were kindly provided by FinforWorld, a new fashion initiative aiming to support emerging designers around the globe.

One of the looks was a classic nautical look that you could wear to any day or night time event by the water: A crisp white top, statement pants with anchor print, silver wedges and a clutch (in snake print, just to say you are actually a city girl!).

While the look was just perfect for the shooting location, I was wondering what else you could do with those anchor print pants in every day life, assuming that most of us do not own a boat and are not members of a yacht club… unfortunately.

Here you can find my style advice on How To Wear Nautical Print.

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xoxo, Lu