How To Wear Mint Jeans

Mint Jeans Style Advice

Firstly, you should pay attention to your own skin tone and to the shades of mint you pick. Not every color in the world is right for everyone.

The color mint is achieved by mixing blue, yellow and white. Depending on the ratio, a mint shade can be more blue-based or more yellow-based. When picking a shade of mint, you should match it to the color of your skin (i.e.pick a more blue-based mint, if you have a cool skin tone and a more yellow-based mint if you have a warm skin tone). Do look closely before you buy, the differences are subtle, but they are there and your outfit will show!

Secondly, when it comes to max and match, mint loves to be paired with other pastel hues like peach (for the warm skinned, see picture above) or lavender (for the cool skinned). It also looks fabulous in combination with neutrals like white, black, beige and navy (flatters all skin colours). Just keep in mind: If you have darker, bolder coloring in your skin, hair and eyes, combine it with darker shades. Only people with really soft and muted appearances can wear mint from head to toe, as a singular color.

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