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3 Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

3 Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans
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3 Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

I’m a jeans girl and would wear them every day if I could. There are so many different models you can do almost anything! This time I’ve looked at ways to wear boyfriend jeans. How to make 3 different outfits for 3 different occasions with only one pair of jeans.

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How To Wear Grunge Jeans

How To Wear Grunge Jeans In A Chic Way

In order to make grunge jeans look grown-up, you need to be mindful of the mix of fabrics plus the way you wear it. There are some core elements that will give any outfit an instant grunge twist.The more you use, the more grunge you will look:

1. Ripped Jeans. Think stone-washed, worn-out, distressed and dark jeans (like the one in the pictures above and below). Ripped jeans are a MUST for authentic grunge style. You could also do leggings these days, but it’s hard to imitate the worn-out look, so it won’t look as cool. Better stick with jeans.

2. Dark Colors. Grunge is all about black and grey. You can combine with other colours (even a little neon for clashing purposes), but the essential grunge look needs darkness.

3. The Print. Tartan, plaid and check are staple grunge patterns. I mean, who doesn’t remember the flannel shirt that was literally everywhere in the 90s? It’s important to wear one that is slightly baggy, stuck it into your jeans or wear it around your waist. Again, focus on a dark colour palette.

4. T-Shirts. The obvious thing is to wear a dirty looking Nirvana band shirt with your grunge jeans. However, I think it’s too much and too obvious (unless you are a REAL Nirvana fan, of course!). Instead, mix feminine lace with studs or a dark pattern on silky fabric to add a grunge edge to your outfit.

5. Layering. Some say the perfect grunge look has at least three layers from the waist up and two from the waist down. I say, at least it keeps you warm!

6. Chunky Boots. Or simply Doc Martens. Combat boots are key for any grunge look. Also, they have had their own fashion makeover and are now available in a variety of colours, making them more stylish. Even Jessica Alba wears them!

7. The Hat. A patterned baseball cap or a slouchy slogan beanie are the most characteristic, but for a more chic look: Choose a black floppy hat! It has some nice darkness appeal.

8. Heavy Jewellery. Feel free to mix & match bracelets and necklaces on top of each other. Crosses and peace signs should be somewhere in the mix. Or anything else that is chunky and mechanical looking.

As you can see, you can easily dial up and dial down the amount of grunge style in your look. Always wear something tailored and choose good fabrics to avoid a complete thrift shop vibe. Et voilà, here are your 3 Ways To Wear Grunge Jeans looks!

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3 Ways To Wear Grunge Jeans

How To Wear Grunge Jeans

Look 1: Flannel Chic

How To Wear Grunge: Flannel Chic by 3 Ways To Wear

H&M flannel shirt / River Island blazer / Filles A Papa denim grunge jeans / H&M ankle booties / Tory Burch leather bag / Nixon watch / Topshop floppy hat

Look 2: Cool & The Gang

How To Wear Grunge: Cool & The Gang by 3 Ways To Wear

Pied a Terre t-shirt / Topshop leather biker jacket / Filles A Papa denim grunge jeans / Doc Martens boots / Michael Kors shoulder tote bag / With Love From CA magnetic bracelet / Michael Kors watch / Topshop black beanie

Look 3: Girly Grunge

How To Wear Grunge: Girly Grunge by 3 Ways To Wear

AMOR & PSYCHE embroidered t-shirt / EMP net longsleeve / Filles A Papa denim grunge jeans / Ash boots /Kippy’s fringed leather bag / Michael Kors watch / Bucasi shawl / Ray-Ban sunglasses

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Spotted: Grunge Jeans In Berlin

How To Wear Grunge by 3 Ways To Wear

Spotted: Grunge Jeans In Berlin

Happy Friday everyone!

Some of you were close to guessing on Facebook what the topic of this article will be… yes, it has something to do with mixing difficult patterns. In fact, the theme overall is about how to wear grunge jeans – in a chic way!

So, who would have ever thought that the looks of Kurt Cobain (for the boys) and Courtney Cox (for the girls) will be back in style? Well, after the 90s probably no one, but the truth is: It is back. Big time. This fall.

Grunge jeans is a tricky item to pull off without looking messed up. Band fan t-shirts, Doc Martens, tights with holes and beanie hats all lend themselves well to the overall look, but there’s a fine line between rocking a modern and glamorous grunge look and trying too hard with scruffy denim and clumpy boots.

Check out here my style advice on How To Wear Grunge Jeans!

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