Spotted: Grunge Jeans In Berlin

How To Wear Grunge by 3 Ways To Wear

Spotted: Grunge Jeans In Berlin

Happy Friday everyone!

Some of you were close to guessing on Facebook what the topic of this article will be… yes, it has something to do with mixing difficult patterns. In fact, the theme overall is about how to wear grunge jeans – in a chic way!

So, who would have ever thought that the looks of Kurt Cobain (for the boys) and Courtney Cox (for the girls) will be back in style? Well, after the 90s probably no one, but the truth is: It is back. Big time. This fall.

Grunge jeans is a tricky item to pull off without looking messed up. Band fan t-shirts, Doc Martens, tights with holes and beanie hats all lend themselves well to the overall look, but there’s a fine line between rocking a modern and glamorous grunge look and trying too hard with scruffy denim and clumpy boots.

Check out here my style advice on How To Wear Grunge Jeans!

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  • Katharina Leuck

    Love the second combination. Gotta love some great Doc Martens… or any other combat boot ;-)