How To Wear Metallics Without Looking Like A Robot

How To Wear Metallics

The key styling rule is to keep things simple. When wearing something metallic, let this item be the star of your outfit. You might also want to keep the following tips in mind:

1. Don’t go overboard with jewellery and opt for a plain bag.

2. Choose neutral metallics: shimmery creams, sparkly greys, shimmery bronzes and golds. These colours are eye-catching, yet elegant.

3. Don’t wear anything very short or low-cut – unless it’s Halloween and your theme is “star of a futuristic movie”.

4. Instead, pay attention to a good cut that suits your body shape. Metallics can be very unforgiving. In case of doubt, don’t buy.

I hope you have realized by now that metallics is a pretty awesome trend. Sure, they are not for the weak of heart. But at least no one would ever accuse you of being boring, and that’s the best reason to try it, right?

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