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From The Runway: Pinstripes And The Gentlewoman Trend

How To Wear Pinstripes by 3 Ways To Wear

From The Runway: Pinstripes And The Gentlewoman Trend

Hi everyone!

Since two days I have been settling into London, my new residence until Christmas. Everything has been going well so far. However, I am still very nervous about the upcoming weeks. Not only will I say goodbye to my twenties this coming weekend, but also jump start into my thirties with my first sales pitches next week. It will be truly a new life chapter opening up. Keep fingers crossed for positive feedback guys!

So while in London, I can’t help but write about one of my favourite UK designers: Stella McCartney. What I love about Stella is her ability to fuse masculine and feminine designs like no other. And her fall/winter 2013/14 collection is another example of her signature style. She is bringing back the gentlewoman in pinstripe!

Pinstripe is a pattern that has been in and out of fashion for decades and is traditionally associated with rather conservative (i.e. boring) office looks. Well, no more, ladies!

This season, pinstripe is considered super cool and can not only be found on the designs of Stella McCartney, but also her fellow designers Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and Maison Martin Margiela. It is worn on oversized coats, sweaters and even dresses – as an cool interplay of masculinity and femininity, creating the new “gentlewoman” look.

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Spotted: A Chambray Shirt In Zurich

How To Wear Chambray Shirts | © 3waystowear.com

Spotted: A Chambray Shirt in Zurich

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all having a good week. I am personally super busy right now to develop the website for my personal style consulting services. So busy that I have to remind myself to be disciplined and write something new for my dear readers.

So here you go! Today, I picked a garment that has had a bit of a resurgence recently: the chambray shirt.

You might have seen it in your favourite magazine and thought: “Oh! Denim shirts are back!” (see an example from GLAMOUR here). But, in fact, denim and chambray are not the same thing. Okay, both are made by weaving white cotton yarn through indigo dyed cotton yarn, so they are fairly similar. However, they differ fundamentally in their weaving techniques.

Denim is diagonally woven (check out the inside of your denim jeans and you’ll see!), while chambray is plainly woven. The diagonal weave of denim produces an overall denser and more rigid material, while chambray is much lighter and softer on the skin.

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