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Learn What A “Dip Hem Dress” Is And How To Style It

How To Style A Dip Hem Dress by 3 Ways To Wear

Fashion vocabulary 101 today!

Question: What is a “dip hem dress”?

Answer: A dress that is longer in the back and shorter in the front. Also referred to as “hi-lo dress” or “mullet dress”.

We could see dip hem dresses (and skirts) coming out last year. This year, you pretty much cannot avoid them. My friend Kristin from Frankfurt also got one and I styled it for her with white accessories to create a light summer outfit. But how can we wear it in more ways than that?

How To Style A Dip Hem Dress

A dip hem dress is very versatile in terms of styling. Depending on what you wear with it, you can really dress it up or down.

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