From The Runway: Trend Colour Acai Purple

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From The Runway: Trend Colour Acai Purple

Hi everyone!

I am extremely excited to welcome you to a brand new theme of 3 Ways To Wear: Runway Inspirations.

This section is – you might have guessed it – all about upcoming trends straight from the runways of this world. I know, I know. Trends are a tricky thing in fashion. Personally, I am always split in between „Oh I LOVE fashion, give me more!“ and „But oh, I HATE to be a fashion victim!“. It’s like an devil whispering on the left, and an angel on the right (maybe you know that feeling….).

In weak moments, I used to give in to the devil’s voice and buy trendy things on a whim. Most oft these items can still be identified in my wardrobe very easily: They lie somewhere in the back. And still have the original tags on them. I hate you little fashion devil.

Undoubtedly, fashion trends are fun, but they are not for everyone (your little fashion devil knows that, too!).

Each trend can look super flattering, or super disastrous on an individual person. You have to be knowledgable about them. And assuming you find something trendy that is just perfect for you, wouldn’t it be great to wear it in more than just one style?

Lucky you! This is exactly why I created this. So let’s get started, ladies… here is my advice on How To Wear Acai Purple, a trend colour for this autmn / winter season!

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xoxo, Lu