Spotted: Yellow Bag In Zurich

How To Wear Yellow Bags by 3 Ways To Wear

Spotted: Yellow Bag In Zurich

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited today, because today I have launched the Facebook page of my personal style consulting services called Dressed by Lu!

If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out and make sure to follow! You’ll find daily posts and inspirations about how to live a more beautiful, stylish and empowered life! (And who doesn’t want that, I mean c’mon?)

So, it seems my last blog entry was a little too dark for you guys. Nevermind, I can totally understand. I’m also more a lover of summer & sun than winter & snow (even though I do look forward to fondue season…yuumm!).

Taking your feedback on board, I thought I’d pick something more cheerful today and what can be more cheerful than a bright yellow bag?

(The answer is supposed to be “Nothing”. In case you have something different on your mind, please leave a comment and let me know!)

Check out here my style advice on How To Wear Yellow Bags And Brighten Up Your Day!

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xoxo, Lu

  • Kristin

    Lu, I love the first look that you created!!! I really think I need a yellow bag now :-) BTW, looking at your street pic, I was wondering about the scarf she is wearing – in my pov it kind of destroys the look. What do you think? I believe wearing a scarf, especially a very small one, would be a great topic to give some practical advices on … how to best wear them? Especially now with the autumn season coming up, which is just perfect to dress up with various scarfs. That I would truly appreciate! THX Kristin