From The Runway: The Royal Trend

How To Wear Royal Style by 3 Ways To Wear

Hi everyone,

This weekend is the first Sunday of advent. I’m not sure about you and your country, but in Germany, where I grew up, this is sort of a big deal. The season of Advent is the time of preparation for Christmas: People start decorating the house and the Christmas tree, buying Christmas presents, baking Christmas cookies… and wondering what the hell to wear for the upcoming festive gatherings!

Now, I have to admit I don’t really celebrate Christmas as I am not Christian, but I do like the festive season very much. People seem to happier, more forgiving and more generous than in the rest of the year. It’s a good time to feel good.

Talking about feeling good, there is one trend this fall that is just perfect to be worn during Advent season. This trend that will make you held your head high, pull your shoulders back and make you feel like the Princess of the day.

It is the Royal Trend. Here is my advice on How To Wear Royal Style, check it out!

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xoxo, Lu