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What To Wear With Red Heels

What To Wear With Red Heels

I don’t know about you, but whenever I browse a shoe store, there is one type of shoes that always catches my eyes first. It will be a pair of:

Red heels. 

They are usually pointed or slightly rounded. In patent, smooth or suede leather. And they look so gorgeous on the shelf!

Red is indisputably THE colour when you want to attract attention (advertising folks know this rule never fails). And I think I also wanted to attract some attention when I ended up buying these red heels. Or… 3 pairs of them.

But we always want to attract attention in a good way, right?

So, here are a few fail-safe suggestions on What To Wear With Red Heels.

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3 Ways To Wear A Red Dress

red dress

3 Ways To Wear A Red Dress

Most of of you have probably realised that it was Chinese New Year last week and for Chinese New Year it is very traditional to wear a red dress. Now Chinese New Year is sort of over, and I am looking at that dress thinking… “And now? What to do with it?”

I sat down and played a little bit around. The result are the 3 Ways To Wear A Red Dress below.

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3 Ways To Wear Red Pants

How To Wear Red Pants

Look 1: The Preppy Look

What To Wear With Red Pants: The Preppy Look by 3 Ways To Wear

Stella McCartney blazer / Mango bright red pants / Zara shoes / Armani Jeans blue tote bag / Michael Kors watch / Coach cuff bracelet / French Connection scarf / Emerson chambray shirt

Look 2: The Classic Look

What To Wear With Red Pants: The Classic Look by 3 Ways To Wear

Glamorous white top / Zara navy blazer / Mango pants / Armani Jeans ankle boots / MICHAEL Michael Kors leather tote / Michael Kors silver necklace / Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Look 3: The Fall Look

What To Wear With Red Pants: The Fall Look by 3 Ways To Wear

Whistles knit sweater / Warehouse cape coat / Mango bright red pants / Lucky Brandbooties / Kate Spade leather tote / A|X Armani Exchange leather cuff bracelet / Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings / Coach stacking rings

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Spotted: Red Pants In Istanbul

What To Wear With Red Pants by 3 Ways To Wear

Hi everyone!

Sitting back at my London desk, I was looking through my archive of real life inspiration pictures and I stopped at a picture from a lady wearing bright red pants (or trousers as the British would say).

I smiled, because there is actually a fun fact in the UK: Red trousers are offcially a fashion fauxpas for men! Then again, there are some people who can’t get enough of them.

Who knew that the British have such a love/hate relationship with this piece of garment?

Anyway, all this debate is not relevant for us ladies. Thank goodness, because bright red pants are actually a really fun item to spice up your fall and winter wardrobe! The only question is…what to wear with red pants?

Check out my style advice here.

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